How To Dispose Of Cat Litter Without Plastic Bags

Have you wondered how to dispose of cat litter In an eco-friendly way? Pet owners now have the option of using plastic bags to dispose of the litters left behind by their cats. The idea of using the bags is to help you gather and dispose of cat litters in real-time. So, you may have been thinking of using plastic bags to remove cat litters around your home.

Before you do that, you may consider looking for alternatives and the reasons given below will justify why you need to look elsewhere.

Why You Need to Stop Using Plastic Bags To Dispose of Cat Litter

Caring for a pet, especially cats come with any challenges. On the one hand, you will be looking to keep your pet in good hygiene at all times. On the other hand, you will be worried about how to live a plastic-free life to bolster the health of the planet.

You may not be able to do one of them effectively without compromising on the other. That is why it is advised that pet owners should consider disposing of cat litter without plastic bags. As the proponents of this move posited, it makes it easier for such pet owners to lead a plastic-free life, protect the planet from the overuse of plastics, and keep their cats in good health. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

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Plastic Bags Alternatives for Disposing of Cat Litters

You can take advantage of many ways to care for your cat without compromising your standards for a plastic-free lifestyle. So, if you are looking to be the superstar pet care-giver and at the same time making use of limited amounts of plastic, here are some of the alternatives you may want to use.

  • Use the Litter for Decorative Gardens

It is no secret that some pet owners find it difficult to switch to a different method of disposing of their cat’s litter. But, it is something you must start adapting to because the world is now going the eco-friendly way and you and your pet cannot afford to be left behind.

Therefore, if you have to give up plastic bags entirely, you can take solace in using your cat litter to decorate your gardens. Luckily, it can also turn out to be manure to aid your plants’ growth.

  • Dispose of the Litter in a Biodegradable Bag

Worthy of mention is that some pet owners consider using a biodegradable bag as a veritable way of getting rid of their cat’s litter. The move is not unconnected to the fact that disposing of the litter in a compost bin may not be the perfect decision because there may be no enzymes to break it down.

Hence, using a biodegradable bag is regarded as the perfect choice because it has the relevant heating needed for breaking down the cat litter. The rule of thumb in using this alternative is to first scoop the water into the litter before disposing of it in the biodegradable bag.

  • Scoop and Toss the Cat Litter

The single best option you may consider is to scoop and toss the cat litter into a biodegradable pickup bag before tossing it into your curbside garbage.

In the next 30 days when you will be ready to change the cat litter in the box, you can then empty the cat litter into a newspaper before tossing it into your trash bin.

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  • Make Your Litter out of Recycled Newspapers

You have some newspapers that are no longer in use. It is advised that you turn such newspapers into some other creative thing – making your own litter. In this case, you will be converting it into a fully degradable cat litter alternative, which will be capable of tackling the odors that tend to emanate from the litter.

  • Do Not Flush Your Cat Litter

You may be tempted to flush your cat’s poop down the Water Closet (WC) believing that it is a better alternative to disposing of cat litter without plastic bags. It may be fast but it is nerve eco-friendly and that eco-friendliness is what we are looking for.

Flushing your cat litter down the Water Closet (WC) can cause many health challenges, such as resulting in the death of ocean wildlife and intoxicating our waterways. Such can be possible if the cat’s litter is contaminated.

  • Use Grass Seed

Using grass seed as an alternative for disposing of cat litter without plastic bags is beautiful. For one, you can be sure that it wouldn’t spread dust, just as it effectively tackles odor emanating from the litter.

  • Dump the Litter into a Compost Pile

If you were looking at leveraging the compost method, it would be ideal to dump the cat litter into a compound pile. The general idea, in this case, is to make sure that the distance between the pile and the location of growing food (the garden) is far.

General Rules on Disposing of Cat Litter without Plastic Bags

Aside from the alternatives to disposing of cat litter without using plastic bags, some other important guidelines need to be adhered to. These guidelines will greatly help you to be successful in disposing of cat litter.

  • Do not use disposable scoops. Although you may want to use them to prevent contamination, it is preferable to use metal scoops that can be easily stored and cleaned with vinegar and castile soap
  • Do not use liners because they are contributing to the waste
  • Avoid throwing away cat litter in a plastic bag because it is not eco-friendly
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Dispose of Your Cat’s Litter without Plastic Bags

Indeed, you can live without plastic bags. So, start avoiding any scenario that may cause you to use one – even when disposing of your cat’s litters.

Instead, use the alternatives as discussed in the article and keep the general rules in mind so you wouldn’t make any mistakes.