Best Children's Books About The Environment

Best Children's Books About The Environment

It is never too early to teach your young ones about protecting the environment, make it easy with these children's books about the environment. When they start learning these things on time, it becomes easier for them to take the necessary steps to care for the environment as part of their efforts to keep it safe and serene for everyone.

How Can I Teach Children to Care for the Environment?

As a parent or someone looking out for some kids, you may be wondering about how you can teach children to care for the environment. It can be challenging for some and can be a stress-free process for others.

No matter the difficulty you may be having in teaching your kids how to care for the environment, you can be confident that the tips we share below will help you make the best out of it.

How Can I Teach Children to Care for the Environment

You Need Books to Teach Children to Care for the Environment

Beyond the use of verbal explanations, you may also want to make use of books to teach children to care for the environment. It is important because children are voracious readers and providing a veritable learning medium, such as books can be the magic wand to get them to learn faster.

For some reason, you may be wondering about the right set of books to use in teaching your children to care for the environment.

You need not bother about that because we have come up with some of the best books that teach children to care for the environment. All you need do is to buy it for them or present it to them and allow them to absorb the invaluable lessons therein.

  • One World by Michael Foreman

Our environment is already polluted with the likes of climate change and toxic matters. That is why it is essential to look for different ways to curtail any possible trigger of more pollution.

In the book, “One World”, the author Michael Foreman aptly captured how we may have been inadvertently causing more damages to our environment. In the book, he used two characters – a brother and a sister to pass the message.

teaching the children about the environment

Going by the storyline, the siblings (the brother and sister) were playing by a rock pool on a beach. While playing, they took out plants and creatures that were inside the natural pool. Their aim was to create a different but artificial variant of the pool – this time in a bucket.

They were thrilled by the outcome but weren’t aware of the damages they were causing. It wasn’t until they had taken out everything from the pool before they realized that there was nothing left behind in the pool. They also discovered that the pool was now a shadow of itself with a slick of oil clustering around it.

When you get this book for your children, they will realize how their actions and inactions can either add to or improve on the existing challenges faced in the environment. Above all, it is an excellent way of making children realize that pollution can make our already-polluted environment to become fragile and weaker by the day.

  • Topsy and Tom by Jean and Gareth Adamson

It takes well-bred children to understand the negative impacts made by different activities on the environment. In the case of Topsy and Tom, the two siblings and imaginary characters used in this book, they were already taught about what they need to know about caring for the environment. They also have a caring and education-inclined mother that was ever-prepared to direct them on how to care for the environment.

As the story unfolds, Topsy and Tom became enraged with the amount of rubbish produced and the pollution in their immediate environment. Seeing how upset and worried they were with the current state of things, their mother offered to guide them on how they can help alleviate the problem.

  • Peppa Pig: Recycling Fun

Is recycling really fun? Some people may think otherwise and the reasons are justified. For those who are against recycling, they think that it is a long process. They also think that it adds little or nothing in the protection of the environment.

Nevertheless, recycling can be fun, especially when you make use of the techniques provided by this book – Peppa Pig: Recycling Fun.

You Need Books to Teach Children to Care for the Environment

In the book, George and Peppa help Mummy Pig to collect some materials that can be recycled. Some of the materials are food waste, glass, and plastic.

The book makes two remarkable impressions on children. First, it is written in a “Read it Yourself” format, making it easier for children to read the book without guidance. Second and most important, it provides a veritable educational content that inculcates the essentialities of caring for the environment – recycling the important materials and cleaning up the surroundings afterward.

  • A Wild Child’s Guide to Endangered Animals by Millie Marotta

Some animals are left at the mercy of the elements, as well as people that tend to hurt them. That shouldn’t be so because it is important that they are safe at all times. Just like humans, such animals need shelter and comfort.

Since that is not forthcoming (going by the prevailing circumstances), the fate of such endangered animals continues to farther. It is high time something is done to ensure the safety of such animals.

That informed the reason behind “A Wild Child’s Guide to Endangered Animals” written by Millie Marotta. The book beautifully illustrates and provides many facts that show how children can contribute their quota to make endangered animals comfortable.

environmental education for children

Most important, the book makes it easier for the target audience (children) to become familiar with those animals around them that may need help. It also points out some of the ways to cater to the needs of such endangered animals.

Wrapping Up

Children need to start learning about the environment at their age and on time too. That would make it simpler for them to get acquainted with the efforts they can make to ensure that the environment is not unduly stressed, at least under their watch.

The books above are some of the recommendations you can get inspired to teach children to care for the environment.

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