• How to Shop Without Plastic Packaging

    How to Shop Without Plastic Packaging

    Can we do without plastic packaging? There’s no doubt that many people would give a “nay” to that. But, if you’ve been following the trend in recent years, you must have realized that having plastic packaging as often as we...

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  • How Can We Prevent Plastic Packaging?

    How Can We Prevent Plastic Packaging?

    Shopping is an experience many people relish. It’s exciting to queue up to purchase all your needs at your favorite store. But, behind the fun that comes with it lies the dangers that could lead to the deterioration of your...

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  • How To Store Produce Without Plastic

    How To Store Produce Without Plastic

    According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, one-third of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted. Every year in Europe and North America, 95-115 kg of food is wasted per capita. Juicy crops, like fruits...

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  • Recycling Basics for Home

    Recycling Basics for Home

    According to researchers of the World Bank, 3,5 million tons of waste is generated every day globally. United States of America are the number one country on the list, as they generate more than 240 million tons of waste annually....

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  • The Danger of Disposable Diapers

    The Danger of Disposable Diapers

    In recent years there has been a growing awareness of various environmental problems that all life on Earth is facing – water, air and soil pollution, ozone layer depletion, toxic waste, overuse of natural resources, among others. 
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  • Recycling symbols-Simply Eco Store

    Recycling symbols

    On-pack recycling labels refer to certain qualities of the labelled product – what is it made of, how it should be recycled, or some other information given by the producer. Here are presented some of the most common recycling symbols...

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  • Water and sustainability-Simply Eco Store

    Water and sustainability

    Cape Town water crisis reminded the whole Western world of how it took water availability for granted. The crisis started in 2015 and peaked during mid-2017 to mid-2018. During that time, the City of Cape Town implemented strict water restrictions...

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