How To Make A Homemade non Disposable Cloth Diaper

Before technology took its place as we can see today, many parents had specific ways of catering to their needs and those of their offspring. Diapers are indispensable in the home, especially when you have toddlers. So, how can provide this without breaking the bank? Your baby will definitely survive without diapers but things can be a lot easier for you if you can get diapers. The difference it makes is that you may have to part with some chunks of money to get yearly supplies of diapers.

You know, life can be a lot better if we can figure out how to do things on a low and without necessarily working up ourselves. We are about showing you how to make a homemade non-disposable cloth diaper. Once you’ve mastered this, it would be easier for you to make diapers even when you are caught up in emergencies.

The Regular Cloth Diaper

You wouldn’t be making much headway if you haven’t decided on the type of homemade diapers you intend making. It should be the first thing you have to do. In case you haven’t thought in this direction or you are at a loss on the best homemade diaper that would fit in, then we have got you covered with one of the best options you may want to try.

How To Make A Homemade non Disposable Cloth Diaper

This is by far one of the most common homemade non-disposable diapers used by many parents. The primary material used here is either a large piece of paper or a newspaper. Worthy of mention is that the regular cloth diaper can be sewn by hand, or with a machine if you choose to make use of that.


What is needed and what can be kept out when making your regular cloth homemade diaper? You have many materials to choose from and some of them have been discussed below:Elastic

The role of the elastic is to ensure that the diaper doesn’t lose strings. Therefore, you should aim to get about 1/2 or 3/8 inch of elastic that can go around the waist and around the legs of the diaper.

The rule of thumb is to make use of 1 meter of elastic for every diaper you are making. So, if you intend making ten (10) diapers, you would be needing about 10 meters of elastic.Flannel

A meter (1 yard) of flannel is needed for each diaper you make. In addition, note that you can derive the needed flannels from shirts and old flannel pajamas.Fasteners

How does the diaper stick to your toddler? You need fasteners to achieve that. Hence, you need up to 3 snaps of fasteners measuring about 25 cm in all.Absorbent Material

The last but not the least is the pad. The role of the pad is to absorb the liquid passed out by your toddler. Ideally, cotton and microfiber materials will make good padding. You can also explore and come up with different absorbent materials you can use to make pads.

Working Materials

Before setting to work, you want to find out those pieces of equipment you would need to complete the job. At the core are the needles if you are hand-sewing and a treadle machine. You also need straight pins, scissors, extra needles, and a measuring tape for cutting accurately. You also need a paper to make patterns of the diaper you need, thread, and a marker for marking the fabric when you start cutting.

How To Make Your Regular Cloth Diaper

You now have all the materials and pieces of equipment needed to make the regular cloth diaper. Follow the steps below to get it done correctly:Marking

First things first! Here, you are to draw a “T” shape on the paper you have. Ensure that the stem of the “T” shape is 6.5 inches wide and 18 inches long, while the top measures about 3.5 inches wide and 21.5 inches long.

The shape should be rounded in a way that it takes on the shape of an airplane.Cutting

The next step is to cut out the shapes and other formats you would need to make the diaper. First, cut the “T” shape out of the paper and proceed to pin it to your fabric. Next, cut out four pieces from the fabric and ensure they are similar to the “T” shape. Note that the pieces you are cutting out are divided into two for the exterior (outside the diaper) and the other two for the interior (inside the diaper). After that, get your padding/absorbent material and cut out a square measuring 1 foot by 1 foot.Folding and Sewing

Fold the pad material you cut into thirds before pinning the same in the middle part of one piece of fabric designed to be used in the interior of the diaper. Afterward, use a zigzag pattern to sew the pad into place.Layering

The four pieces of the fabric you cut will now be layered before you pin the layers and sewn them around. While at it, ensure that the bottom where the “T” shape is located is open. You can then turn around the fabric and sew in a similar fashion but leaving out the starting point of the “T” shape.

At the last lap, you are to turn the diaper to the right-hand side, fold the edges, and sew to close the edge of the open “T” end. Furthermore, you can produce the fasteners by cutting out two snaps of fasteners, sewing them with a zigzag format into each side of the edge at the back of the diaper, and ensuring the elastics can give the desired pull.


There is no end to what you can achieve once you set your heart to it. Your limited finance that cannot afford factory-made disposable diapers or your craving for something different has now been solved. You have learned how to make a homemade disposal diaper!

Being able to keep your baby comfortable at all times is something every parent looks forward to. Do you have any other ideas on how homemade disposable diapers can be made? Feel free to let us know in the comment section!