Plastic Water Bottle Pollution Facts

Plastic Water Bottle Pollution Facts

Are you wondering about how harmful plastic pollution has become? The truth is that the world is under siege because of the excessive pollution emanating from the plastics we use. Whether it is the plastic shopping bag or the plastic water bottle, the point remains that plastics now constitute a nuisance, and should be kept away.

Facts About Plastic Bottle Water

On the other hand, we’re familiar with the toxicity that emanates from plastic water bottles. Yet, there are some secrets and facts that many people are yet to discover concerning these bottles. That is what we intend showing. Below are some of the different ways plastic bottles are destroying our environment, as well as some of the things you didn’t know about these disposable water bottles.

1. More Barrels of Oil are Expended

This is undoubted, one of those plastic water bottle pollution facts that you may not be aware of, even until now. Indeed, it takes 17 million barrels of oil to make one year’s supply of bottled or disposable water bottles.

It might interest you to know that the pollution emanating from the many barrels of oil notwithstanding, many costs could have been saved in the process. For instance, the millions of oil barrels used to make plastic water bottles can be used to power over 190,000 homes and fuel over 1.3 million cars.

Plastic Water Bottle Pollution

2. Release of Carbon Dioxide

Humans continually struggle to lead a better life by eating the right meals, and breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide.

On the flip side, one of the plastic water bottle pollution facts is that the water, when boiled, releases over 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That happens yearly. So, you can now see that the future of the environment in particular and the climate, in general, is under threat.

3. The Plastic Water Bottles Gulp More Money

You may believe that plastic water bottle manufacturers are literally “living large” because of the high demand and the supply of the products. It is an ironical perspective because the reversal is the case. One of the plastic water bottle pollution facts you must know is that about 90% of the bottled water’s costs come from making the bottle.

Plastic Water Bottle Pollution

4. Plastic Water Bottle Consumption

There’s no denying that the consumption of synthetic bottled water is on the increase. Many people use it because they feel it is a more flexible way to stay hydrated. That is not in doubt considering the millions of people that take plastic bottled water every month.

It is incredible to note that every second, about 1,000 people in the United States tend to open a bottle of plastic water. Therefore, you can see that it is a burgeoning market that may not collapse anytime soon.

5. Millions of Plastic Water Bottles are Disposed of Daily

Just as the number of plastic water bottles consumed daily is on the increase that is the same way, the amounts of the same are disposed of daily. Figures have shown that over 60 million plastic water bottles are disposed of daily in the United States.

It would interest you to know that out of those figures, a good number of those plastic water bottles are discarded in the U.S’ landfills. From there, many of them would begin “to find their way” into the waterways, streets, and parks of the United States.

On the other hand, the total number of disposed plastic water bottles is pegged at over 35 billion. Out of that figure, only about 15% of the bottles are later on recycled for further use.


6. Bottled Water Consumption Outnumber Beer and Milk

There is a likelihood that adults are expected to consume more alcohol within the week. Factors such as stress can cause people to drink some bottles of beer to ease the tension. Instead, bottled water has continually had the upper hand, and for good reasons too.

As suggested by reports, Americans drink more bottled water every year than they do for beer or milk. The figure also increases by 10% each year.

7. A Bottle of Water Takes Long to Decompose

There’s no denying that every bottle of water is plastic. However, not all of them take similar decomposition patterns as other plastics do. The truth is that about 80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills.

When it comes to the decomposition, the storyline tends to take another dimension. It takes up to 1,000 years before any bottle of water decomposes. This is unbelievable just as it is fascinating, but that is the fact – a bottle of water takes long to decompose.

Plastic Water Bottle Pollution

8. Toxins from Decomposing Bottles of Water are Harmful

After the long wait, the bottles of water packed in landfills and other places begin to decompose. The decomposition is not the primary focus. The concentration is instead on the health challenges and environmental hazards that are obtainable with the process.

As the bottles of water begin to decompose, it becomes apparent that each of the bottles leaks harmful substances into the environment as they decompose. Also, the toxins that decompose the plastic bottles of water would start leaching into the atmosphere. That, in turn, causes many health hazards, such as cancer and reproductive problems in the body.

9. Bottled Water is Bad for the Health

It might interest you to know that bottled water’s downsides are not limited to the environment. A good number of adverse effects also extend to human bodies. Some of the detrimental (negative) impacts on the body are increased risks of breast cancer, dizziness, and asthma.

10. Plastic Bottles Kill Marine Creatures

Because of the unregulated disposal of plastic water bottles, they often lie anywhere and everywhere. Aside from ending up in landfills, the bottles can also wash into the ocean. When they do, they kill up to 1.1 million marine creatures every year.

What Do You Think About Plastic Water Bottle Pollution Facts?

You can now see that your favorite plastic water bottle could be a “death warrant” because of the detrimental effects it has on both the environment and the human body. So, what do you think about the plastic water bottle pollution facts? Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comment section.

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