• Water and sustainability-Simply Eco Store

    Water and sustainability

    Cape Town water crisis reminded the whole Western world of how it took water availability for granted. The crisis started in 2015 and peaked during mid-2017 to mid-2018. During that time, the City of Cape Town implemented strict water restrictions...

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  • Plastic Bags Ban-Simply Eco Store

    Plastic Bags Ban

    During the 1990's environmentalists began telling us about the dangers that plastic bags present to our environment and to the wildlife living in our environment. It was thought that the United States was using around 292 million plastic, single use bags annually, with only about 13% of those bags being recycled.
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  • Benefits of a Plastic Straw Ban Far Outweigh the Costs.-Simply Eco Store

    Benefits of a Plastic Straw Ban Far Outweigh the Costs.

     A viral video showing a marine biologist removing a plastic straw from the nostril of a sea-turtle, while the hapless creature bled profusely, put the spotlight on these ubiquitous, disposable staples of the food-service industry. This was the first time much of the general public became aware of straws' negative impact on wildlife and the environment. 
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  • The benefits of using metal straws-Simply Eco Store

    The benefits of using metal straws

    Plastic is made from non-renewable fossil fuel (oil). In general, the pollution generated from plastic manufacturing harms and kills a wide range of marine life. However, more specifically, straws made from plastic add to this pollution, leading to irrevocable environmental damage.
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