Reusable sandwich bags & snack container for lunch.

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Sandwich bag and snack bag set

Simply Eco reusable sandwich bag and snack bag set help you pave the way for a better future with environmental awareness and better care for your food to reduce waste. We have designed the perfect reusable food storage bags for lunch - sandwich container and pretzel bags, incorporating all the best attributes we could think of. By combining high-quality, washable kraft paper, eco-friendly materials and uncompromising strength, we have designed foldable and lightweight, durable and reusable, stain resistant, tearing resistant, abrasion resistant, alternative to the plastic bags and containers.

Our non-plastic reusable food storage bags can ideally be used for vegan snacks, sandwich container and as a fruit and vegetable saver. It is flexible thanks to its high stitch strength and abrasion resistance, made from washable paper forming wrinkly marks like leather when it is washed.

We highly recommend the following, in order to ensure long lasting of your products:

- Hand wash and dry clean. Unroll the bags and wash in cold water with mild soap, then rinse thoroughly and dry;

The sandwich bag comes in the following size:
H: 10.4 inches
W: 6.5 inches
Depth: 3.1 inches

The snack bag size is:
4.3 inches x 7.5 inches
We guarantee complete satisfaction and high quality reusable sandwich bags. Live healthier, reuse your bags and save the environment with these amazing zero waste food bags today.