Can You Recycle Plastic Silverware

Are you asking yourself if you can Recycle Plastic Silverware? Our traditional kitchen utensils need to be cared for at all times. Aside from washing them, you also need to be sure they can be disposed of, especially in the form of recycling. Notable among that is the plastic silverware, which are dishes, cutleries, and containers that are either coated with silver or made from materials that have silver undertones in them.

Are Plastic Utensils Recyclable?

At this time that recycling of many materials is becoming increasingly popular, you may be wondering about the possibility of recycling your plastic silverware. The question thereof is “Can you recycle plastic silverware?”

are plastic utensils recyclable

The answer to the question can be explored from different angles so you can have varieties of information to help you arrive at an informed decision.

In addition, the questions bordering on the feasibility of recycling plastic silverware are urged by the fact that plastic utensils are famed for being time savers because they can be easily cleaned up. Also, it may be possible for you to recycle plastic utensils (such as plastic forks and spoons) only if you follow the right procedure.

The Concept of Recycling Plastic Silverware

Why do you have to recycle plastic silverware in the first place, you may ask? The general rule guiding recycling posits that recycling simply has to do with the remaking and re-usage of a material or item other than the primary or main use.

It can also mean the production or making of a new product from a material or item that had been used.

Hence, the process of recycling plastic silverware is simply to reinvent the utensils so they can serve other uses other than the one they may have done in the past.

  • Take Note of the Numbers

You cannot start recycling plastic silverware if you do not have an idea of the numbers and what they mean. If you are observant, you must have discovered that your plastic silverware has some numbers marked on their bodies. Those numbers depict whether the utensils can be recycled or if they cannot be recycled.

The first point to note is that the numbers marked on plastic silverware range from one (1) to seven (7). Likewise, the numbers have different interpretations when it comes to recycling plastic silverware.

The Number “1” in the plastic silverware indicates that the utensil can be recycled and with ease too. In fact, the Number “1” is one of the easiest to recycle and one of the most recycled plastic silverware. The types of plastic silverware that fall under this number category are plastic food bottles, soda bottles, and plastic containers.|

The second number (#2) is the next in line and they are a bit below the first category because, in this category, the recycling of plastic silverware is reduced in quality. They are commonly recyclable and comprise specific materials, such as shampoo bottles, milk jugs, and laundry detergent containers.

That is to say that the plastic silverware that falls under the Number 1 and the Number 2 categories are the ones with easy recycling.

On the one hand, plastic silverware that fall under the categories of three (3) to seven (3) is noted to be a bit hard or harder to recycle. That is because they are manufactured from the types of materials and products, which are difficult to recycle.

Therefore, take note of the numbers marked on your plastic silverware and note that the ones with 1 and 2 are commonly recyclable while those starting with numbers 3 up to number 7 may be a little difficult to recycle.

What Type Of The Plastic Silverware Do You Want To Recycle?

You are trying to cut down on contributing to the degrading of the environment so you want to make use of recycling to do the hat. However, not all plastic silverware can be recycled. That is why it is important to be certain of the kinds of plastics that can be recycled. The knowledge of that makes it easier for you to select the items you want to take to the recycling center.

  • Plastic Spoons

Do you prefer plastic spoons to the silver-coated variants? If so, you can be confident that you can recycle it because it is quite easy to recycle this type of plastics.

  • Plastic Fork

Recyclable plastic silverware mainly includes those utensils that we make use of when eating. So, your plastic fork comes into the picture of the items you can easily recycle.

are plastic forks recyclable
  • Other Plastic Utensils

You can also recycle other plastic utensils, such as plastic foams and CD cases. It is possible to recycle all these because they fall under the Number 6.

Now, there is a variation. It would be recalled that the Number 1 to 2 are the primary categories of plastic silverware that can be recycled. That notwithstanding, it has been asserted in some quarters that plastic silverware (especially plastic plates) that falls under the Number 6 are recyclable.

Yet, you must note that the recyclability of the Number 6 category or number marking of plastic silverware is based on the out-of-pocket expenses of the owners. That is because recycling costs too much. In addition, some curbside recycling programs will not accept them because of the exorbitant costs of recycling the plastics.

Alternatives to Recycling Plastic Silverware

If you find yourself stuck in the middle because of the high costs of recycling plastic silverware or the fact that your plastics do not fall into the recyclable categories, you may consider some alternatives to recycling plastic silverware.

Some of the alternatives you may want to explore include but not limited to:

  • Reusing Plastic Silverware

The first alternative is to reuse your plastic silverware. You can do so by washing it and using it all over again until it wears out.

In addition, rather than throwing away the plastic silverware, you may consider cutting it into knives for clay, using it for craft projects, or remaking it into toys for your kids.

reusable wood silverware
  • Bring Your Disposable Cutlery

You may also consider taking your disposable cutlery with you everywhere you go instead of using plastic silverware that may be difficult to recycle.

Recycle Your Plastic Silverware

It is possible to recycle plastic silverware. If you do not find it easier to use the recycling models discussed above, you may want to use the alternatives to keep using your favorite cutleries.