Five Reasons to Switch to Reusable Produce Bags

Five Reasons to Switch to Reusable Produce Bags

In different parts of the globe, millions of tons of waste are disposed of every day and they significantly contribute to pollution of the environment. More than 75% of all waste is plastic and sadly, only 9% is recycled and the rest go to landfills.

However, reusable produce bags can go a long way in promoting zero use with regard to the use of plastic bags. As such, this post highlights five reasons to switch to reusable produce bags that can also help you make a difference with regard to reduction of environmental impact. 

#1 Reusable produce bags are eco-friendly

The major benefit of reusable produce bags is that they are eco-friendlyunlike single-use plastic bags that usually find their way into landfills. The unfortunate part about plastic material is that it takes millions of years to decompose so it continues to pose a threat to the environment though in the landfill.  Recycling is also not a commercially viable option in some cases and the plastic will remain alive.

Five Reasons to Switch to Reusable Produce Bags

#2 Reusable produce bags are durable

The other benefit of reusable produce bags is that they are durable and ideal for bulk shopping. When buying products like potatoes, fruits as well as vegetables among others, you need a durable bag. This is when your reusable produce bag comes in handy since it is made of strong material that does not easily break. 

#3 Reusable produce bags cost-effective

Zero waste reusable produce bags are cost-effective in that they are made of cheap but durable material such as cotton or canvas. The material used in making reusable bags is easy to get at a lower price. You can reuse the bag several times and this will save you money from buying carrier bags every time you go shopping.  

Five Reasons to Switch to Reusable Produce Bags

#4 Reusable bags are washable

Through constant use, your reusable produce bag is bound to get dirty. However, this is not an issue since these types of bags are washable. You can either machine wash or hand wash your reusable bag and you will be guaranteed of getting excellent results. The other benefit of washing reusable bags is that they dry quickly. Alternatively, you can also spot clean your reusable bag if it is made of a material that is dirt resistant. 

#5 Reusable bags are versatile

Reusable produce bags are versatile and you can use them for different purposes apart from shopping. For instance, when you are traveling, you can use your reusable bags to pack your food which helps to reduce the demand for plastic material. This is also good for the environment since reusable bags help to promote zero waste.

Five Reasons to Switch to Reusable Produce Bags


I hope you have enjoyed reading this short but informative post about the creative uses for reusable produce bags. As environmental issues are significantly gaining priority in different sectors of the society, you can also make a difference by using reusable produce bags instead of plastic bags. What’s your take on reusable produce bags? You can share your comment below. 

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