Ways To Reuse Common Household Items

Ways To Reuse Common Household Items

The home needs to be tidy at all times, and that informs the reason why many homeowners do not waste further time to get rid of those “unwanted items.” It could be the plastic bag you used for your last shopping or the mesh vegetable bags. No matter the item in question, the fact is that getting rid of waste helps to keep the home neat all day.

On the other hand, you may need to have a rethink before disposing of another waste. For instance, those wrappers you’re about discarding can serve another purpose if only you can research on the other roles or importance it can have in your home.

Why You Should Reuse Common Household Items

The question on the lips of many homeowners around the world is “why should I use a household item I was about to throw away?” It may look like an awkward question, but the findings in recent years have shown that reusing specific household items makes a tremendous impact. The general role is to repurpose those items or “use them up” until it’s clear that they have outlived their purposes.

Feasible Ways to Reuse Common Household Items

If reusing or repurposing specific household items is advisable, then how can you go about that? The ideas below would help you out on the ways to reuse everyday household items without breaking a sweat. In the list, you would discover some of the household items you can save or use for other purposes instead of discarding them.

1. Egg Cartons

Would you have believed before now that egg cartons have other roles to play in your home? Those cartons needn't be disposed of (at least not yet) because you can use them to store ornaments and pieces of jewelry. The openings on the containers can contain various kinds of decorations you may have.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea, then you may want to use your egg cartons (especially the paper types) to start seedlings for your garden. That can be done by splitting up the cartons and using them as seed sprouting containers. The moment the seedlings begin to germinate or get big enough to be planted, you can then take the next step of wetting down the egg cartons before planting them on the ground. They would later break down over time.

Ways To Reuse Common Household Items

2. Disposable Razors

As the name signifies, disposal razors are meant to be disposed of when they have outlived their usefulness – when they're no longer sharp or have gotten dull for shaving. You don't have to eliminate them yet.

Instead, use the razors to remove the pills of sprouting fabrics from T-shirts, scarves, and hats. The razors are always sharp when it comes to this duty.


3. Cereal Linear Bags

Food storage couldn't have been any more manageable when you're using the linear cereal bags. The bags can be used to store leftover foods by sealing it with a vacuum sealer to keep the foods fresh.

On the other hand, linear cereal bags can also be used to crush up nuts, cereals, and crackers. This is perfect because the bags are thicker, which makes them less prone to tearing apart when crushing the items as mentioned above.

4. Glass Jars

You may have been inundated with ideas to toss your used glass jars into the trash can. What use would the jars play anyway, you may ask? They’re useful and here are some of them.

First, you can wash out the jars, remove the labels, and use them to store your favorite flowers. You would be surprised at the transformation into a flower vase. Second, the used glass jars can be repurposed into water candles for use at the dinner table.

Ways To Reuse Common Household Items

5. Paper Bags

There’s no doubt that the trend for plastic-free shopping has forced many shoppers to consider the alternative – paper bags. Even at that, you can still reuse the paper bags. In that instance, they can be used to serve snacks and make homemade popcorns. You can take the notch higher by using the paper bags to ripen fruits faster.

6. Butter Wrappers

You don't have to go about disposing of every butter wrapper you removed from the butter. Instead, put the wrapper to good use by using it as a burger patty separator. It does the job well because the butter residue prevents the paper from sticking to the ground meat.

The butter wrappers can also be used to grease the baking pan.

7. Newspapers

You may have some old papers that you've read countless times and looking at disposing of it since the news is "stale." Perhaps, you wouldn't mind using the newspapers as a shoe deodorizer whereby you wrap them into a ball and stuff them into the smelly shoes to absorb the odors.


8. Old Socks

That stocking that has gotten a hole in it can serve another purpose. The socks can be used to cover the shoes when applying polish.

9. T-Shirts

Unarguable, clothes like T-shirts get worn out after some time. You might be tempted to trash them. Why don't you cut off the right sides of the shirt and use the same to make a pillow?

10. Shoe Boxes

Those shoeboxes once housed your shoes. So, why can't they be used to store something else?  It might interest you to know that the shoe boxes can be used to store items like toiletries.

11. Wine Corks

If you’re the type that loves to “pop champagne” then you must have gathered enough wine corks. Now, those corks are of no use when discarded. Instead, you can use them to make a floating keychain that would be used to hold all your keys in place.

Ways To Reuse Common Household Items

12. Mesh Vegetable Bags

Those mesh vegetable bags you plan to discard can be used for a variety of purposes, such as holding your yarn in place. The bags can also be wadded up and used to scrub countertops and dishes.

Reuse Common Household Items

It’s now clear that specific household items have not actually “outlived their purposes.” So, take a cue from the few tips we just shared and start using those ways to reuse everyday household items.

Your friends and family may also be interested in converting their old items into good use. Sharing this article with them would be helpful in that regard!

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